About Us

The instructional program at Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy of Pittsburgh is a simplified step-by-step method designed and refined over a 35-year period by one of the nation’s top instructors, Jacqueline Rauch. Jacqueline has produced five instructional videos with the same step-by-step material. These videos complement the instructional manual and they work in conjunction with one another. The composition of the instructional material is arranged and organized to develop quality styling skills, outline shaping, blending, balance and proportion, and how to apply those skills to breed design, control methods, proper handling, and speed techniques.

Our course is 90% hands on.  Our comprehensive program is designed for the student to master all of the basic grooming skills with an emphasis on the fine finishing skills. The student will begin the program by learning about the various tools, their usage, operation, and maintenance. The next areas covered will be control methods, safety procedures, proper handling, pet oral hygiene, cleaning and sanitation. The skill development portion of the program is taught in three parts. Part one is the bathing and blow drying skills, part two is the prepping skills, and part three is the styling and finishing skills along with the breed designs.

You will also learn about the dog grooming business if you desire to do so and in addition how to increase your income through “add-on services” such as toothbrushing, the sale of supporting products and de-shedding.  Toothbrushing and de-shedding are two of the most requested optional services and you will learn that by offering these and other optional services, you will increase your grooming income substantially with a minimum of extra time and effort.

Our Facilities

Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy is part of “The Pet Salon”, an upscale modern pet styling facility that is well established with a large cliental with a variety of breeds for grooming. The facility uses the most up to date equipment to adequately prepare the student to work with apparatuses in other grooming environments. There is a retail/reception room, a cheerful break room for the students use and a classroom with video and audio instructional aides. There is a bathing and drying area with professional force air dryers and bathing systems for the student use.

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2101 Greentree Rd. (Scott Towne Center) Suite B-109 • Pittsburgh, PA 15220